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Book Review – Moonlight Becomes You by Mary Higgins Clark

Moonlight Becomes You by Mary Higgins Clark | Blushing Geek

Moonlight Becomes You by Mary Higgins Clark
First published on April 18, 1996 by Pocket Books
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 352
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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At a party in Manhattan, Maggie Holloway—one of the fashion world’s most successful photographers—is thrilled to be reunited with her beloved stepmother. A widow now, Nuala Moore is equally delighted to see her long-lost stepdaughter, and she invites Maggie to spend a few weeks at her home in Newport, Rhode Island. But when Maggie arrives, she finds Nuala murdered, apparently by a burglar.

Heartbroken, Maggie is stunned to learn she had inherited Nuala’s stunning Victorian home…and horrified when she begins to suspect that Nuala’s death was not random, but part of a diabolical plot conceived by a twisted mind. When Nuala’s dear old friend, Greta Shipley, dies suddenly of supposedly natural causes, Maggie is convinced that there is a link between these two and other recent deaths among the older women of Newport. What she doesn’t realize is that she has now become a target for the killer as well, and that each clue she uncovers brings her closer to an unimaginable fate.


Just like her other books, it introduces a lot of characters which makes it so hard to keep track of. She introduced them in a very detailed way that would make you think he/she was the bad guy. What a great technique eh? Her style of “who done it” never fails to amaze me. Reading it for the second time never gave me the convenience to guess the real suspect. It really just proves that Mary Higgins writing is really unpredictable. The title “America’s Queen of Suspense” pretty damn suits her well.

I remembered one time while reading the book; I forgot to eat lunch because I was so engrossed with the story. Once you start the story, you won’t stop until you finish it. 

All the words used are just so easy to understand. The words being used in a story have been the greatest traits I’ve been looking for in every book I am going to read. Imagine you’re in a suspense scene and you are looking in the dictionary of the meaning of each word. You wouldn’t feel the suspense part after all, right?

I’m the kind of person who only loves to read dialogues but this one is different. There were only a few dialogues in it. All things were explained in a sentence that I can’t afford not to read for I might miss the whole story.

One of the things that I liked the least from the story is that it started as a slow pace and a boring one. I was just lucky that I decided to finish the story for if not, I won’t be this thrilled. It is just a kind of story that gets even better as the page number increases.

Putting a little something of romance in this suspense/thriller book is my favorite! It is what every happy ending sucker like me wants for every story.

Reaction (Author & Plot)

Mary Higgins Clark is well known as America’s Queen of Suspense. I strongly agree with it. I know I may sound biased for she is one of my favorite authors, but really, you’ve got to read her books especially her older books to see what she is capable of making you feel. She uses very easy to grasp English terms that even a non-native English speaker like me could easily understand.

The plot seems a little gross and creepy, but I really love it. And I’m sure it’s going to be pretty hard to forget the story just like how I always remember her book entitled, Loves Music, Loves to Dance. The grossier the story, the more I like it.

I always like how she put a lot of twists in the story making it harder to guess the suspect/s. She is definitely one of the best!

Final Thoughts

This is a kind of book that offers a great deal of suspense. It will keep you guessing till the end. It’s a single book which contains suspense, thriller, mystery and romance in one. Read it and be thrilled!

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