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Manga Review – It Takes Two Tomorrow, Too Vol. 1

It Takes Two Tomorrow, Too by Suzuyuki | Blushing Geek

It Takes Two Tomorrow, Too by Suzuyuki
It Takes Two Tomorrow, Too, #1
Expected Publication
October 17, 2023 by One Peace Books
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy
144 pages
Format: eBook
Source: Book Review Request
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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After dating for a year and three months, the unruffled Yuuya Aida asks his beautiful girlfriend Rio Aihara to move in with him. Despite busy work schedules and their age difference, their love for each other never wavers.

Be it frisky fights over who ate the last pudding or serious conversations about their future together, Yuuya and Rio still find themselves nervous and bashful around each other, reminiscent of the early days of their relationship. Yet their adorable everyday dynamic is nothing short of the joy and giddiness of a couple’s true love.

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It takes two tomorrow, too. Reading that title the first time, I was kind of confused, but on the good side, *wink. And once I finished this manga, I can see why. Plus, it was pretty adorable too!

I don’t usually use the word adorable with my romance especially if there’s no kids involved, but this story is just that even without kids or cute pets! Just seeing this cute couple together and being silly with each other is just adorbs!

But before I’ll tell you more about what I think of this manga, let me give you a very short summary on what this story is all about. It takes two tomorrow, too is a short story detailing the life of the couple Yuya and Rio after they moved in together. Was it the perfect choice? Or was it a disaster?

And as you can see on my stars above, this one was a hit! I’ve been constantly reading intense manhwas lately, so this manga is definitely a nice breeze of fresh air, and I love that! This story started with the couple agreeing into moving in together and the rest after was showcasing what their life has become after living together. Most of my romance just ends with the couple getting together or getting married, so it was pretty interesting to read a story about the couple’s life after living on one roof.

Another thing I love about this story was the fun interaction of the couple, as well as some other side characters as well. Which mind you, makes sense in real life too. So I really like that.

The couple’s scenario was also different in each chapter, so I’m sure you can find one or more favorites, *wink.

As for the art, I think it fits well with the story. The pacing and panel were also pretty easy to read and follow. As for the character design, I think both fit each other’s personality pretty well. So no complaints on that one, *wink.

Overall, it was a fun read. I just love how free and content I feel after finishing this story. That said, I think the number of chapters for this volume is perfect for me (though I’ll be retracting the remaining .5 star for the next volumes, *wink). Definitely a short read done right!

If you are looking for a good read to relax, then It Takes Two Tomorrow, Too is it!

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Sophia Rose
9 months ago

Ahhh, I do love cute romances. Glad you found a good one.

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