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Manhwa Review – Assorted Wildness by Gyeja

Assorted Wildness by Gyeja | Blushing Geek

Assorted Wildness by Gyeja, illustrated by Zi
Published by Tapas Media
Genre: Yaoi, Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Mongryong is having what we’ll call… a tough time. His sister’s having an affair with a married man, and the guy’s wife is the older sister of a major mob boss. To make matters worse, Mongryong’s sister’s boyfriend’s wife’s brother decides to take him hostage as bait to lure the lovers out of hiding. Will the madness never end?! …Still, maybe—JUST maybe—Mongryong can convince his captor to go easy on him. Just not TOO easy. After all, there’s nothing wrong with playing a little rough either.


The start of this story has been pretty interesting. A mob alpha male seme is everywhere, but the headstrong pink haired uke really got me, hahaha.

Mongryong’s life took a sudden turn when he found himself escaping for his life from his captors. His sister got involved with a guy who’s married to a daughter of a major mob boss so they captured him to lure her out.

That situation sounds so dangerous but Mongryong makes it sound like it was just an innocent chase game. After he escaped the first time he got captured, he kidnapped the mastermind of his capture (the second son of the mob boss) and did something inappropriate on him. I really lost it after reading that, wahahaha. I never met an uke (bottom) who’s as headstrong as Mongryong, lol.

Mongryong and her sister are orphans who grew up in a monk temple. His sister is the only family he has so he’s very determined to live and save her from the guys who are after her. It was later revealed in this story his past and what made him who he is now. He looks like a helpless innocent guy, but is definitely so headstrong, I can’t remember how many times he outwitted his captors lol.

I’ve read a lot of yaoi already, but I guess this has been the first time that I’ve met a headstrong character like Mongryong, hahaha. I guess it’s safe to say that I enjoyed this story more because of him. Mannnn, I can’t count how many times this guy made me laugh. His antics are usually childish, but heck, this guy mastered it so that you can’t really help but be amused, wahahaha.

As for the seme (top), Jeha is your typical super hot mob boss. He always looks serious and scary at times so it was really nice how he reacted once he got to be acquainted with Mongryong.

I really like the combination of the two, hahaha. The serious type and the headstrong.

And the visual is gorgeous as well. Can’t say anything bad about this aspect coz everything looks beautiful to me, especially the design of the main characters ♥️

This story has your typical arranged marriage setting like your normal mob/gangster story, but what sets this one apart is the comedy. I really enjoyed reading about Mongryong’s plans for escape and how to get even with the Seok’s family (especially on the mob boss himself, hahaha).

I was also impressed by the romance. I really think that it was transitioned very well, and didn’t just happen overnight. Which is very good since most of yaoi lately has been very quick on that aspect.

And speaking of romance, this one has some very very steamy bed scenes, so get ready, wahahaha.

I don’t think there is something I hated in the story aside from the part where Jeha put Mongryong in a very unpleasant situation. I also felt that the confession part was too short. I needed more! But overall, Assorted Wildness is a very hot and funny read. I just hope there’s a side story for this one, hehehe.

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Sounds like you liked this one.

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