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Wattpad Review – Until Forever by Jonaxx

Until Forever by Jonaxx | Blushing Geek

Until Forever by Jonaxx
Series: Until Trilogy, #3
Genre: Tagalog Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Elijah Montefalco never liked this particular girl cousin. Naramdaman niyang ayaw sa kanya ng pinsan niyang ito at hindi naman siya ‘yong tipong ipagpipilitan ang kanyang sarili sa taong ayaw sa kanya. They were family so he needed to deal with her sometimes. Mabuti na nga lang at marami naman sila kaya hindi na napapansin ng iba na ayaw nila sa isa’t-isa. But there was a reason why he never liked her… Pero bakit nga ba? Ano ang nangyari at bakit nagkaganito? Paano sila napunta dito?

And after all the sacrifices, would they still make it through? Kaya nga kaya ng pagmamahalan nila na lagpasan lahat? Paano kung hindi pa nga naayos ay unti unting mawawasak ulit? Is their love really a curse? Can’t they live happily even just for a moment? Is their forever too much to ask for?


Until forever is the third and final book of the Until Trilogy series. And as expected, I started reading this story just after finishing its second book. Well, you can’t blame me, the second book left me no room to decide whether to read this now or after my vacation. 

This book is just like a drug that keeps me insane and uneasy so I end up reading the whole series in just 3-4 days. Woooh! And finally, my sanity came back, was it?

Unlike its second book, this story didn’t actually start on what the second book left of, well, not eventually. This book started a few years before Elijah realized that he was in love with her cousin Klare. I even thought this story was going to just have Elijah’s POV, but in the middle part of the book, it also introduces Klare’s.

At first, I was really disappointed; I could have given it 4 or worst 3 star rating. But dang! I can’t help but feel stupid. I was so looking forward to the second book’s continuation that’s why I was so blind to see the author’s point of the before “falling in love with Klare” scene. The first part of the book gave us the idea on what happened to Elijah, on how he fought his feelings for Klare. And on what made him choose to follow his feelings than to fight it. It also made me understand why they are both fighting like a cat and dog before.

While I was reading on the part where the Montefalco cousins were having fun, I can’t help but remember MY (yeah, they are mine *evil laugh hahaha) Stallion Boys. It was really fun to read how they’re teasing each other, which makes this story even more interesting, especially Azi’s dumb and crazy lines.

The conflict is still there; though Montefalco cousins accepted Elijah and Klare’s relationship, their parents are still not cool with it, and the comeback of Selena the grr, and the witch “Ama” of Klare. All of the conflicts didn’t sound corny, which mind you, made me angry and frustrated. See! This story will not just make you fall in love and cry, but will also bring out the worst in you, haha, in a nice way ofcourse 😉

There’s one thing I’ve noticed in this story that I’ve also noticed in its second book (though, I didn’t mention it before since I was so drawn to Klare and Elijah’s story haha). This book also tackles some possible love team in the story. I already had a hint with Claudette and Pierre’s possible pairing as early as in the second book, and also, Damon and Eba’s story was concluded in the second book. In this story, it also introduces a “possible” relationship of Hendrick with Erin. OMG right?! Haha, the two Ty brothers are falling with both Montefalco girls. I wish Jonaxx would write a story of these two pairs, and of course, Azi’s. Haha, it’s not a secret how I adore his character so I really hope Jonaxx will also write a story for Azi. I’m sure it will be fun and romantic…ayeeiii! I can’t wait.

Opps! This story has a slight SPG, so get yourself ready, haha. All scenes and conflicts hold up and I just love love love the story’s plot. The only thing I liked the least about this story was the possessiveness of both the characters, it was annoying sometimes but if Elijah is like that to me? I guess I wouldn’t mind at all, haha lol.

And finally! My most awaited part, the happy ending..OMG! I am so in love with this story. I love how it ended after the hardships they (Elijah and Klare) encountered. This story is really worth your time, read it and be ready to fall in love. 
Final note, please read the first book Until He Was Gone first, and then Until He Returned next before pursuing this story. Enjoy!

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