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Manhwa Review – The Remarriage Contract

The Remarriage Contract | Blushing Geek

The Remarriage Contract by Seol Woohee, Jeje
Genre: Modern, Romance
102 Chapters

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Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Seoyeon and Geonha once had a loveless marriage of convenience for their families’ business ambitions. Or at least, they believed it was loveless. When Seoyeon leaves Geonha for another man, Geonha finds himself wallowing in lingering bitterness and resentment. Meanwhile, Seoyeon is living a new life abroad with her young son Junu, until everything changes when Geonha seeks her out on behalf of his ailing grandmother, a wealthy businesswoman who cared deeply for Seoyeon. As the two re-enter into a pretend marriage, this time to appease Geonha’s grandmother, they discover lingering feelings that had been buried in the past.


After loving a modern romance recently, I am now in a quite alarming stage of scouting every modern romance manhwa I could try, wahahaha. I was a little adventurous that day, and tried reading “The Remarriage Contract”, which I normally stay away from, lol. Seeing this review, I guess I enjoyed it eh? Hahaha.

This manhwa is not just a modern romance, but also a chaebol romance. Urgh, just reading that word makes me want to run away since it gives me drama alert, lol. But surprisingly, I finished this one in just one sitting! It was actually pretty crazy considering all the angst, lol.

Just like most contract couple stories, this one also has the same pretty cliche plot – A couple who are in a marriage contract and had divorced quite badly. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the guy came back and asked for a marriage contract again. Thus the start of me annoying our dogs because I was so noisy, wahahaha. Now they understand how it makes us feel when they are barking incessantly, lol.

This manhwa for me was pretty dramatic and angsty. I hated it, but I keep reading it anyway because I want to see what another stupid thing both the main leads will do, lol. In a way, I would say that it was created in a very convincing way since it kept me glued until the end. For those who hate drama or angst, I’m not sure if this is for you.

As for the main characters, I don’t like them both. They are annoying, lol. It’s a good thing we’ve got a cute little angel out of the two (sorry for the spoiler, lol). This manhwa has the generic “misunderstanding” between the leads which makes it hard not to get annoyed with the characters. I understand where the two of them are coming from, but dang, can’t you guys just communicate for goodness sake! It was especially annoying when their child was directly involved. It was traumatizing for the child when both parents are not thinking of what’s really best for their kid.

Another thing that makes it hard for me to like the main characters, especially the ML, was because of a “third party”. I can feel FLs struggle in their marriage especially if there’s a b*tch involved, but dang, it could have been avoided if atleast one of them will communicate. I don’t care if in the end you will be called a snitch when it is your marriage life that is involved! Although I wasn’t a fan of that conflict, I definitely hated the ML since he was annoyingly uninvolved with his wife. I don’t usually believe in second chances (in real life), but I feel like the ML still deserves one since there was a character development in the end.

One thing that I genuinely liked about this story was the friendship. FL doesn’t have a loving family, but she was gifted with an amazing friend who was with her until the end. Another thing is that it also didn’t just centered on romance but also tackled family relationships, and their work situations which I think helped FL really grow.

I guess one big reason why I gave this manhwa a 3-star rating was because it made me realize a lot of things. Just like other romance stories I’ve read, it gives me more realization how serious being open and talking is in a relationship (not only in a romantic relationship). If you are hurting or if you want something, you should talk it out even if you think that it’s just a small thing and it will not matter much. But you will be surprised how this “small” thing can easily lead to a bigger conflict and misunderstanding, so you have to be careful. Another thing is that it highlights how important family is compared to money. And lastly, it also points out how a person will have a rotten end if they are consumed with greed that they will not hesitate to hurt other people. So be careful guys not to make it pass the borderline of obsession because it will usually not end well.

Also a special mention for FLs bff since she was always there for her through thick and thin. In reality, I am skeptical of “forever” when it comes to romance, but I believe there’s “forever” with friendship. Love this!

Not a big fan of the art, since I’ve just read a really good one, but the baby was really cute. I believe all of my screenshots were of the baby, wahahaha.

So yep, I guess that’s it. This manhwa may not be one of my favorites, but it was still a pretty “good” read since there’s HEA which I am always a sucker for, *wink.

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Sophia Rose
4 months ago

Oh my! You are braver than me. I don’t like that much drama, either, so I’d be afraid to pick the story up and read. 🙂 Glad you were able to enjoy most of it, Vanessa.

4 months ago

As Sophia said, brave girl indeed. I would more than likely have given upon it.

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