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Manhua Review – Villainess No More

Villainess No More | Blushing Geek

Villainess no More original story by HOZO, Nunoiz, art by Comicloft
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
91 Chapters

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

All her life, Elizabeth has been eclipsed by her warmhearted younger sister, who cares for the common people and rejects the privileges of nobility. In contrast, Elizabeth is seen as an out-of-touch aristocrat who loves to throw lavish parties and frequent the royal palace. Although she works hard for the good of the kingdom, her contributions go largely unnoticed because of her unsavory reputation. One of the few people who are willing to give her a chance is the Archduke of Winternight, the “monster of the North.” As a misunderstood soul himself, he feels a special connection to her and opens up his home. And so, Elizabeth moves to the far North, away from the people she’s known her whole life… Will she finally be able to start over with a clean slate? Or will her past stand in the way of her future with the Archduke?


If you’ve been following my reviews, I’m sure you noticed that it’s been quite a while since I’ve read manhua, especially romance manhua. Almost all stories of that genre were really frustrating and with my unpredictable mood, I am not patient enough to tolerate one these days. But surprise surprise, just because I saw the word “Villainess” in the title, I caved in and read it, lol. But in all fairness, I actually started this story thinking that it’s a manhwa, so imagine my surprise when I found out that it wasn’t lol.

The first half of Villainess No More wasn’t really that exceptional or unique to any villainess stories that I’ve read and loved, but there’s just something about this story that pulled me in. I think it was probably because of how it was narrated, plus the plot was quite interesting. I want to believe that I’m not into drama, especially family drama, but since I finished this story, I guess I am now, wahahaha.

The first half was more about building the story’s plot, introducing us with the FL and ML. More highlight on how FL was treated by her family. Then little by little worked on both the leads’ romance.

The second half on the other hand was like the upgraded version of the first half. The narration was improved and there’s more depth in the story. Plus, a lot of action which I really wasn’t expecting at all. And lastly, the retribution. Ahhh, that was really satisfying.

As for the characters, I actually adored both the leads. The FL is such a tough character. In the early chapters, it was obvious how remarkable her character was compared to her hypocrite sister but people still painted her as a villainess. Her family was not a big help too, in fact, they wronged her more than everyone else. Despite a tough childhood, she still grew up as a kind person. That’s why, I was really happy when she finally found the happiness she deserves.

The ML on the other hand is very cute. I love how he takes good care of the FL and always being a gentleman. Just like the FL, he also didn’t have a great childhood. That’s why I was so happy when both of them finally have the happiness they were owed <3

Another reason to love this story is because of the side characters. There’s a lot of side characters that made this story extra enjoyable and helped both the leads on achieving their happiness. That’s why, I was quite sad that there were no side chapters for them 🙁

The ending of the characters who tormented the FL was quite rewarding, especially of her hypocrite sister. There’s no side chapters, but the ending already gave us an idea on what happened to some characters. I also love the hopeful last chapter. Uwaaah, I really want to read more after that ending.

Villainess No More is highly recommended! This story is probably one of my top 5 in manhua, *wink.

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