Favorite Book Characters


I love books, it’s because of them that I’ve got to meet the man of my dreams, but in this case, men of my dreams, haha. But as time goes by, my standard climbs high as well, haha. So unlike other bookworms, my list for now is kinda short. But expect some updates in the near future.

I am going to list them here, and if you’re interested to know why, read the book *wink.


These are the list of characters that I can’t resist their charm. Beware, most of them are oozing with sex appeal and you can’t help but fall.

The One That Got Away

These are my own list of characters that were gone too soon.

Girl Crushes

These are my list of characters that even if I’m a girl, I can’t help but admire because they’re so badass and feisty.

Favorite Couples

This one’s my newly added section in the list so I can only recall some few couples that I really really love.

*All lists are in no particular order and will be updated from time to time.

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